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[URGENT] Edit and mail this form letter to Congress today!


shutterstock_58214737[ URGENT ] Friends, here is the letter I wrote that I am sending to my state representatives and senators. Feel free to take my letter and affix your name and specifics to it and mail or email it to your elected officials. Edit and change as you wish. You have my permission.

Let’s let Congress know that we WILL NOT STAND BY and watch them quietly remove rights that are intended for all of us law-abiding citizens. If they do, THEY ARE GONE! (We’ll be posting emails and mailing addresses to congress shortly.)




On December 14, 2012, a terrible tragedy took place in Newtown, CT involving an unhinged person who just happened to choose a gun as his weapon of choice – as opposed to a knife, a bat, a bomb, etc. The obvious and blatant (and clearly prepared) reaction to this horrible occurrence was shameless at the very least. Senators, Congresspersons, the President, and many other anti-gun opportunists moved quickly to attack honest, law-abiding gun owners with sweeping gun-control legislation and rhetoric that did nothing to protect our nation’s young children, but did everything to further their own political careers. It’s no wonder Congress’ approval rating in 2012 averaged just 15%. That is pathetic. For a group who was once chosen by the people to have 85% of us dissatisfied with the job you’ve done is disgraceful. Those of us who work and live in the “unelected” world where our actions matter would be fired by our employer for such poor job performance. Which is why I’m writing this letter to you…

After President Barack Obama’s January 16th, tasteless press conference where he mounted his assault on our legally-obtained and used weapons on the backs of openly-exploited young children, I am fearful of the government’s reach into the private lives and actions of perfectly innocent Americans who own firearms for protection, sport, hunting, or collecting.

The killer in Newtown, CT stole the guns he used in his crime, just like 95% of the guns used in crimes across America. He violated 41 separate laws during his shooting spree in a state, Connecticut, which is in the top 5 of the states with the strictest gun laws. And no one is talking about Chicago, the city with the strictest gun laws in the entire nation, which racked up an inexcusable 532 murders in 2012 – more than all the military deaths in Afghanistan.

The Connecticut killer went to the school with the intent of killing as many people as he could. Banning “assault weapons” and hi-capacity magazines, performing background checks, and intruding into peoples’ personal lives would not have changed what happened on December 14, 2012. A killer who has taken the time to plan out his crime will find a way around your flimsy attempts to curtail his actions with gun laws designed to work only if he chooses to follow them.

Please review the list of “executive actions” proposed by President Obama. Oppose ANY new gun restrictions in any form that they might be presented to you in. Oppose ALL HR bills that attempt any form of gun-control. Oppose ANY attempt by the leaders in the Senate to change the senate rules on filibustering. This gun-control legislation is not about guns or our children’s safety – it is a matter of “control”.

The basic, quiet, unsuspecting voter has been awakened. We will not sit back and let you casually hand over the very rights that governmental officials who were much more respected than those in Congress today literally fought and watched others die years ago for to implement and keep in place. We are watching yours and all Congresspersons’ actions. We will act diligently if we feel that our families’ safety and well being is not in your best interest. Anti-gun legislation is an irresponsible and lazy approach to keeping our children safe. I am holding you directly responsible for my child’s safety in our schools, in public, and in my home. Please let me know your stance on the 23 “executive actions” the President has proposed and where you stand in this unconstitutional attack on honest, law-abiding citizens.

In closing, evil exists in this world we live in. Evil people will find a way to do evil things. Evil people do not obey laws. It is unpopular to say this, but more children will be killed again at some point. But you cannot legislate “evil” away. You can, however, stop it with a .45 round to vital organs of the human body. That’s how I intend to continue protecting my family. If you vote to remove that right, I will vote to remove you from Washington.