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Lake Charles (LA) Gun Show Attendance Shatters Attendance Record


photo 2(5) By Paul Glasco (Legally Armed America)

Anyone who’s ever attended a gun show at the Lake Charles Civic Center (put on by Gator Guns) knows that even in times of great gun demand, the crowds are typically moderate-sized and people typically flow in and out over a two day period of time. Then two things happened to change that: Obama got re-elected and a crazed gunman murdered 26 people with guns he stole from his mother. The gun control establishment, not ones to leave a gun tragedy un-exploited, seized upon the opportunity to reintroduce gun control legislation that they had written already and had waiting in the wings for this type of scenario to happen.

Honest gun owners across the nation reacted in huge numbers this weekend as they headed out looking for mainly two things: any form of assault rifle (AR-15, AK-47, etc.) and ammunition for those same weapons in fear that they’ll be banned in the coming months. Many got what they went for; others left empty-handed. Either way, thousands of people attended as lines were wrapped around the Lake Charles Civic Center outside, even in cold rains that hung around all day.

We were there with a Legally Armed America booth to sign up new members to the website as well as to sell t-shirts and other things – and let’s face it – to check out the cool stuff at the gun show, too!

Many of our friends who we have so much in common with stopped by to sign up and chat about proposed legislation, rumblings around the country, and just guns in general. It was a great day meeting so many honest, law-abiding gun owners from our area. It’s truly an honor to have them sign up to join Legally Armed America, as that’s what we stand for: honest, law-abiding people who not only have an appreciation for all things gun-related, but who feel the desire and importance to protect the very rights we have as non-felons to purchase and own firearms in America. Shame on those opportunistic, gun-grabbing vultures in Washington D.C. who could care less about the 20 children who were murdered in Newtown, CT, but are using the occasion to further their careers and political agendas.